Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities

Highland Heights, Kentucky


GCCCU uses web site to galvanize inter-collegiate collaboration for educational programs and resources throughout a tri-state region.

Formed in 1974 to foster cooperation among its member colleges and universities, the GCCCU is all about collaboration. An alliance of 15 colleges and universities in the Greater Cincinnati area, the GCCCU serves to broaden educational opportunity for students, strengthen professional development for faculty and staff, and promote the civic contributions of its member institutions to the community at large. Through such programs as cross-registration, which enables students at one member institution to take courses at another member school, and financial aid resources promoted through counselors, teachers, parents, clergy, and mentors, GCCCU strives to enhance the vitality of higher education and strengthen each individual institution.

The very nature of this association – its mission – is to bring together  content into one online home that is easy to share for all GCCCU's audiences, so Innersync created the design and the tools to accomplish this with a simple-to-maintain web site. The site helps build connections through fresh contact and calendar content, online registration for events, and valuable links for the entire GCCCU community. Using Campusuite® content tools, Innersync created the communications vehicle that's putting all of Cincinnati's higher education players onto one team to benefit each other, and the entire Greater Cincinnati community.

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