Columbus, Ohio



Helping the professionals who are helping high school students navigate the maze of deciding on the right college

When high school students need good advice on which college or university is right for them, the Ohio Association for College Admission Counseling is there as a resource. With more than 3,000 members, the OACAC brings together high school guidance counselors, college admission reps, and others who advise students on making the best choice on where to continue their education. Much like the forums that these professionals create for the students to share information, the OACAC needed some tools of their own to bring their members together to share insights into their profession. Enter Innersync and Campusuite CMS.


Explore the OACAC online community web site:www.oacac.org

Bringing members closer together

Following an audit of the association's needs, which included an overdue need to replace list serve technology with custom experiences for the users, Innersync designed a site using Campusuite's online community. Now members, which include a board comprised of volunteers charged with managing all membership information and communication, could easily post and share content such as college fair schedules, job listings, and events. In addition, the OACAC serves as a networking workhorse using RSS feeds to integrate with other social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. In Innersync and Campusuite, the OACAC got the help and right tools that strenghthens its community and connects like never before. Now high school students across Ohio can get the help and right tools to connect with the right college like never before.