Jason Morgan and Steve Williams of Innersync Studio Interactive agency and web content management

Innersync Studio was founded in 1998 with a vision to bring people together using the web and compelling design. Today we stay true to our roots and connect people like never before.

It all was sparked by the idea that we could provide a way to engage audiences with design and technology, and what better place was there other than the web. With expertise in building brands, we saw new ways to share information and get users involved in building relationships.

So, around 1999, when web sites were largely static online calling cards, we had our own take on helping clients use the web to connect. We began offering these same web tools to our clients so they could publish their own content and manage their sites with ease. At the same time, we never swayed from creating powerful interactive experiences to help our customers forge strong relationships with their audiences.

Today, online communities and increasing mobility are placing greater pressures on organizations to stay connected to their audiences with the freshest content possible, in the most flexible of formats. Innersync's web content management tools – collaborative publishing and digital asset management – enable our customers to do just that.  We help them get connected and build relationships like never before.

A brief history of looking forward 



Newport, Kentucky
A custom renovated studio just a bridge or a ferry ride across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati, this spacious headquarters is comfortably conducive for cutting edge work that focuses on our web-based innovation and design.



Cincinnati, Ohio (Liberty Hill)
Atop Mt. Auburn, stacked on top of each other in a civil-war era Georgian-style mansion built for U.S. Senator George Pendleton, we gradually outgrew this Cincinnati landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



Cincinnati, Ohio (Price Hill)
Working not out of the proverbial garage, but a room behind the garage of co-founder Jason Morgan's Price Hill enclave, we hatched our web-centric enterprise with an emphasis on keen design. Sadly, the foosball table did not make the move to Liberty Hill.