Croswell VIP Motorcoach

Cincinnati, Ohio



From the Harlem Globetrotters to junior high school student tour groups, Croswell makes all its travel customers feel like VIPs.

Since 1922, Croswell VIP Motorcoach Services has been a nationally acclaimed provider of luxury bus transportation, offering charters and  tours to a wide audience of group and individual travelers. With a clientele spanning Olympic national teams, Broadway production tourgroups and the Harlem Globetrotters, to student tour groups and individual tourists, Croswell was looking for a design and look that linked the company to world-class professionalism and world-class destinations.

Innersync was asked to energize the company's web site with a fresh, strategically sound design that conveyed Croswell's long-standing reputation of safety and reliability. In addition to reinforcing the company brand, we were charged with delivering a suite of web-based tools that would streamline the booking, coordinating and promoting of Croswell's services by allowing internal users to keep the content fresh. Innersync delivered a web site that not only simplified and automated Croswell's core business operations through booking management efficiencies, but created a potent portal that both end-users and travel industry partners appreciate. A  web site that is the company's hub marketing vehicle that's as professional, dependable, and easy to navigate as its own fleet of motorcoaches.


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