KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group

Cincinnati, Ohio


Retail point-of-purchase provider puts Innersuite at the heart of integrating its total marketing communications

When a company that moves at the speed of retail makes some moves of its own to stay on top, it’s no surprise KDM POP Solutions Group looked to a complete overhaul of its web site to better communicate with the marketplace. A leader in retail point-of-purchase solutions ranging from displays, window graphics, banners, shelving and just about anything retailers can imagine screened, offset or digitally printed, KDM serves the retail world’s giants and up-and-comers alike, offering one-stop comprehensive solutions to get them noticed and get them sales.

Recent strategic moves by the company to broaden its value to the market coupled with a shift in its marketing communications focus brought Innersync into the picture. Expansion into plastics fabrication, online ordering and total retail environment solutions necessitated a web site that clearly articulated the wider array of services being provided. In addition, KDM needed to make the site more powerful in terms of supporting sales, including increasing traffic to the site via search engine optimization, then capturing data from visitors to begin valuable dialogue. The new site, designed and managed using Innersuite CMS, now serves as a marketing foundation KDM, providing easy and powerful ways to make sales and marketing more integrated than ever and put some pop in their brand.

The new site, designed and managed using Innersuite CMS, is a marketing foundation, providing some pop of its own for a POP leader whose found an easy and powerful way to make sales and marketing more integrated than ever.

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