Mason, Ohio


MedPlus is changing the way hospitals, doctors and payors securely collect, store and access healthcare information.

A leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, MedPlus focuses on supporting clinical and administrative software that optimizes data collection and management of healthcare information for hospitals, private practices and communities. A subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics, the nation’s leading provider of diagnostics testing, information and services, MedPlus is helping improve patient care and business performance for healthcare institutions, physicians and payors. Seeking online tools of their own to help market its services and manage its content, MedPlus took notice of web site work Innersync had performed for another Quest subsidiary, Worktiviti, and engaged us to overhaul its site.

The MedPlus website uses a combination of high-end design wrapped  around custom-developed applications and content management tools. Our solution enables the client to still manage the static pages on its site using popular web design software, but provides the context for easy content management through Innersync's CMS. Such functionality as training registration and frequently updated information ranging from news and calendar centers are now do-it-yourself operations that non-technical content authors control. With products of their own that are untangling and streamlining the often convoluted world of healthcare information, MedPlus looks to Innersync for similar results in simplifying and improving their users' experiences. MedPlus needs no second opinion when it comes to their own web provider.


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