Progressive Brands, Inc.

Los Angeles, California


This marketer of distilled spirts is creating a tasty little dynasty for its distinctive Han Asian Vodka brand.

Progressive Brands, Inc., a Los Angeles-based marketer of distilled spirts brands, needed a web partner that could capture the essence of its distinctive Han Asian Vodka brand and build a web site consistent with the product's image. In an extremely competitive industry marked by rapid consolidation, ProBrands looked to Innersync for help in capturing Han's elegant brand experience and delivering it online to the growing number of Han distributors and customers demanding this original Pan-Asian vodka.

The site needed to be exciting, without diluting the sacredness of the storied Han traditional tenets of Asian power and conquest. Innersync provided a range of services for this trend-setting company, including high-end cutting-edge design, custom application programming, and brand reinforcement. In addition to a drink lab that includes interactive recipes, and direct e-commerce options with links to distributors, the site creates an interactive culture center for the brand that offers music sharing and social networking. Innersync is helping ProBrands and Han Asian Vodka establish a dynasty among innovative brands.

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