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Helping thousands of job shop owners take back control of their shop floor with manufacturing software developed by shop people.

Shoptech is the definitive industry leader in ERP and manufacturing software for job shops and make-to-order manufacturers.
At the core of Shoptech's business is the E2 Shop System, a comprehensive software package that enables shops of all kinds and sizes to streamline their business operations. The keystone to the company's success has been the firsthand experience and roots in the job shop industry – the founders' intimate knowledge of the markets they serve has created a foundation for success and growth. As a longstanding client, Shoptech has depended on Innersync for ongoing comprehensive web site design services. Likewise, Innersync's intrinsic knowledge of Shoptech's core business challenges has created a valuable equity that has helped us help them market these innovative software solutions to job shops and manufacturing clients throughout the U.S.

Through the course of its relationship with this market leader in job shop software, Innersync has helped Shoptech transform its site from a relatively static online calling card, to a robust, search engine optimized, content-rich, data-driven communications tool that spans marketing, training, customer service and technical support. Among recent marketing-driven initiatives is an interactive video demo that enables visitors to view concise video segments featuring Shoptech's founding partner explaining various aspects of their product. Viewers easily navigate throughout the segments, then select from an array of calls to action – such as registering for a webinar, signing up for an online demo or requesting a telephone follow up. Streamed video testimonies are also housed on the site, and SEO management is utilized as an instantaneous 24/7 marketing metric for the interactive component of Shoptech's complete marketing mix. Through custom design, Innersuite CMS, and rich interactive media, Innersync is helping Shoptech make the most of its web site and maintain its claim as the authority on shop floor control.


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