TyTek Industries

Cincinnati, Ohio


Tytek uses local knowledge and crisp communications to link companies to Chinese contract manufacturing

Navigating the maze of finding the right source to manufacture products in China is no easy task without experienced guidance. Tytek Industries provides manufacturing services to a wide range of companies looking to realize the savings and efficiencies that more and more U.S.-based companies are seeking. With a bilingual staff and a dedicated office in China that facilitates on-site manufacturing supervision and precise communications, Tytek sources products that span die casting, assemblies, sewn products, forming, stamping and plastic injection moldings. The company’s strategic position is validated by the local knowledge it has accumulated: Chinese sourcing expertise that literally walks the walk and ‘talks the talk’ and guarantees risk-free service and total satisfaction.

In a field filled with competition where brokers, agents and consultants promise fortunes half a world away, Tytek distinguishes itself through thorough expertise, access and communications. The company’s web site needed to be built on the same platform of access and collaboration, so Tytek’s leaders chose Innersync’s Innersuite content management system to shrink the world and bring Tytek closer to its customers, prospects and manufacturing partners. A new design, optimized key word phrases for search engine optimization, and a flexible CMS at the heart of it all that enables Tytek to easily manage its own content with the same efficiencies, connectivity and success it promises its customers.


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