Campusuite returns to HighEdWeb Conference

Innersync unveils new version of CMS for higher education

August 26, 2008

Attendees clink Campusuite mugs at the HighEdWeb 2007 conference held in Rochester, NY.

Attendees clink Campusuite mugs at the HighEdWeb 2007 conference held in Rochester, NY.

Newport, KY – Innersync Studio will be unveiling its latest version of web content management system designed specifically for higher education at the HighEdWeb 2008 Conference, October 5-8 in Springfield, Missouri. Featuring simple, browser-based tools to control web site content, Campusuite 4.0 features a wide range of new and improved functionality in three major areas: extended tools and features, application security and enhanced usability. 

"This product evolution ensures that our clients are positioned to accommodate the upcoming trends and techniques that are expected to be demanded in the future and needed today," said Steve Williams, Campusuite's co-founder. "Mindful of the emerging prevalence of Web 2.0 technologies, we're continuously engineering in ease and access for content administrators, publishers and end-users."

The timing of the new launch coincides nicely with this gathering of key web site decision makers at the college and university level. "This is a very savvy group of web administrators who come together at this important conference to gather the tools and share ideas that make them better administrators," said Williams. "The HighEdWeb members are knowledgable and thirsty for more knowledge, so we're happy to be returning to share with them our latest."

A summary of Campusuite 4.0's enhancements:

  • No more licenses to purchase, or keys to manage
  • Search engine-friendly URL for news
  • Comprehensive photo and video image management
  • XML export allows content to be re-purposed and shared across the site
  • Enhanced mobile functionality
  • RSS feeds "tagged" to push content
  • Versioning and drafts function
  • Enhanced security for tracking activities and security updates
  • Re-designed dashboard for streamlined, intuitive control
  • Instant Intranet web sites
  • AJAX functionality throughout allows for more streamlined workflows and editing
  • Centralized stylesheets provide more control and faster user experiences

Already implemented at select colleges and universities, Campusuite software enables web site administrators to keep fresh such frequently updated information as news, events, calendars, photos, faculty and staff directories, videos and FAQs. Ready-made, easy-to-use content modules plug into existing web site designs, eliminating the mystery and technical prerequisites for keeping web content current.

Campusuite simplifies the growingly unwieldy process of overall web site management by providing simple web-based tools to content authors, publishers and administrators, who can easily create, share and publish content in a decentralized workflow environment. Employees closest to the content are afforded greater control of the content with permission-authorized access.

"What makes Campusuite different from other off-the-shelf CMS products is that we've created easy-to-use modules that address the specific needs of college web administrators," said Jay Cooper, Marketing Director at Innersync. "Many of the larger, more horizontal CMS packages have functionality and data fields that a school or college would never use."

A practical solution for many departments within a college or university where content is constantly changing -- admissions, student activities, sports information, alumni affairs, faculty and staff -- Campusuite enables content authors to easily create and edit their respective pages of their web site.

"A school's web site is becoming increasingly important to many facets of their operations," said Cooper. "Recruiting, athletics, development -- it's their primary public face. Campusuite gives them tools to make their sites more effective, easily. We've found a great deal of interest on the part of many administrators at this conference," added Cooper. "They are hungry for web content solutions that not only improve their whole process, but are easy to implement, as well.

Innersync Studio is a full-service interactive agency based in Newport, Kentucky. In business since 1998, Innersync has worked with schools, colleges, corporations and organizations, creating web sites and web-based, interactive solutions that combine progressive internet technologies with compelling design.