Lockland Schools launch Campusuite

A national gem in public education embraces Campusuite CMS to improve communications and reduce costs

November 14, 2008

Lockland High School received the Bronze Medal for Achievement and was named in a recent U.S. News and World Report article as one of the best high schools in America in January of 2008.

Lockland High School received the Bronze Medal for Achievement and was named in a recent U.S. News and World Report article as one of the best high schools in America in January of 2008.

Faced with many of the financial and communications challenges shared by urban, public school systems, Lockland School District has selected Campusuite CMS by Innersync as part of its strategic initiative to better utilize its web site and reduce the costs associated with maintaining it.

Lockland came to Innersync looking for a new approach on how the district handled the content on its web site.  Through use of the Campusuite® cms for schools, ready-made tools are now helping the administrators and teachers keep content fresh. In addition, the district was looking for a quality web presence that would capture the rich 150-plus year tradition of providing public education with small-town attention.

"Communicating with parents and PR for the district are very important to us, and the new web site now allows us to do that -- frankly a lot better than before, and a whole lot easier," said Donna Hubbard, superintendent of Lockland School District.  "Our site had been managed by one of our computer teachers, who, with teaching seven classes, had no time to update it. But now we've got a decentralized approach that enables each of our schools' department secretaries to update their pages routinely."

Hubbard said that following just one teleconference training session, 10 content providers were up and running using Campusuite to load content on their respective pages.  The results were nearly immediate. 

"We've gotten parents e-mailing us and telling us they find the site more informative, and that they're finding information more accessible," said Hubbard. "And on the publishing side, our staff is finding it so easy to update and they are no longer afraid to get in there and add content."

As part of the communications foundation that touts Lockland's reputation for providing a private-school approach with small school, big experience, the school seeks to reach out to both its resident and open enrollment students in a very accessible fashion. Though just on the edge of a big city, Lockland wanted to accurately convey its small-town values, small class sizes and individual attention.  Similarly, the district wanted to make its site very approachable and filled with fresh content to keep the community informed and lay the PR groundwork for financial support so critical to the sustainability of the district.

"A web site is only as powerful as the content and accessibility to creating and obtaining that content," said Steve Williams, chief sales and marketing officer of Campusuite. "Effective web sites are not just the domain of private schools and universities.  Public schools such like Lockland are perfect fits for Campusuite, because of its ease of use, 'approachability' for content authors and content seekers, and affordability."

Located just north of Cincinnati in an industrial corridor that flourished in the post-WWII era, Lockland is challenged by stagnant enrollment and school redistricting. There is a mandate in the district for using technology wherever and whenever possible to streamline operations with no sacrifice in the quality of education provided.  Campusuite's CMS solution, which eliminates the need for costly IT infrastructure, provided a new, cost-effective way for Lockland to not only manage its web site, but improve communications in the process.

Through design, development and deployment of easy-to-use content tools, all the schools in the Lockland School District are beginning to more fully utilize a web site that connects all its audiences to its mission of excellent public education with small-town style. 

About Lockland School District:

This four-school district is comprised of a high school, middle school and two elementary schools serving over 700 students. Lockland High School, recipient of the Bronze Medal for Achievement and named in a 2008 U.S. News and World Report article as one of the best high schools in America, serves as a landmark in the Cincinnati community and regional travelers who pass by the highly visible school building along the major interstate corridor.

About Campusuite:

Campusuite is content management software that simplifies web site management by providing web-based tools so content authors, publishers and administrators can easily publish and manage content from any web browser. Campusuite, Imagespace, a digital asset (image) management system, and Innersuite, the corporate CMS solution, are part of the the family of web-based solutions from Innersync that helps people create, share and connect like never before.