New Wilmington College features Campusuite and new design

With a new design and complete content management system, new site roll-out raises the bar for Wilmington College.

June 22, 2007

August 21, 2006 - Wilmington College, a liberal arts college in Ohio, rolled out a new web presence today. The new site is a major upgrade to the web communications initiative and will help the college centralize frequently updated information for current and prospective students. In addition to the utility purposes of the site, the new design visually represents the college and builds on the long-established Wilmington College brand.

Wilmington turned to Innersync, asking for a budget-friendly, phased-approach. Through incremental stages, the  web site was elevated from the previous static and outdated pages to the new, dynamic pages that are now currently maintained by approximately 30+ individuals around the campus. Each individual is empowered to keep their own departments updated. Not only are they empowered, they are excited again about keeping content updated. 

"Previously, Wilmington used a low-cost content management system that ultimately frustrated users to the point of abandoning their respective areas and using other mediums to keep their students informed," said Steve Williams, Creative Director at Innersync. Innersync's Campusuite allows a web content author to surf the site in a browser-like fashion. When they arrive on a page that needs to be edited, they click on "edit page" at the top of the browser and it opens the web page in a word-style editor allowing them to make updates. Content authors can add new pages, link to external resources, publish PDF's and use the Innersync Campusuite tools for the addition of frequently updated data like, news, calendar, faculty, photo galleries etc.

Innersync Campusuite boasts a powerful Athletics engine designed especially for the sports information department. Easily add news, update rosters, coaching staff, post game schedules, results and recaps. Campusuite will pull in stat files from programs like Stat Crew or any other third-party HTML-based files that are generated during the game. Campusuite archives information in a manner that allows the sports unthusiast to dig into the archives to pull up historical data.

Next up for Wilmington is a dedicated Alumni Community website that will allow alumni to log in, find other alumni and share news with the school. A variety of other features are in the planning stage and are slated for release in the Summer of 2007. Contact Innersync today for a demonstration of Innersync Campusuite or visit the Campusuite web site for more information.