New clients and growth for Innersync

Software as a service solution especially appealing in tight economy

February 3, 2010

In the face of a tenuous economy, Innersync Studio is finding success and growth as a provider of web content solutions for business and education clients. As organizations tighten their belts and seek ways to improve efficiencies and expand web capabilities, Innersync continues to attract new clients with web-based services and design.

Among the additions to Innersync corporate clients using software-as-a-service web content management and digital asset management tools are beauty and cosmetics industry leader Elizabeth Arden, Inc. and apparel brand giant
Phillips-Van Heusen (Izod, Calvin Klein, Bass, et al). Educational and institutional new clients include Cheyney University, Cheyney, Pennsylvania, Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont, Odyssey Charter School, Altadena, California, Cypress Christian School, Houston, Texas and the American Apparel Producers' Network, Atlanta, Georgia.

"Organizations want their web sites more accessible and practical for those who provide the content, and our tools do just that," said Steve Williams, co-founder and president at Innersync. "We're finding a great deal of interest from businesses and schools looking to do new things with their sites, whether its internally driven or more market driven."

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) model creates many efficiencies by enabling users to focus on the content, rather than the technical administration of the site. Clients pay a subscription fee, and their sites are hosted remotely, with software updates and upgrades included in a browser-based delivery for everything needed to manage a web site. Much of the IT infrastructure costs and problems associated with client-hosted sites goes away in the SaaS way of delivering software.

"This movement to cloud computing and SaaS is a great business model for both provider and customer," says Williams, who reports a 200% increase, a figure 
that parallels web content industry figures, in SaaS business for Innersync. "We have a built-in product innovation process that's created by user-generated feedback, and customers get greater value from our continuous improvements, some of which are even done seamlessly. Software obsolescence is a thing of the past."

Williams said that in addition to ongoing upgrades to the company's suite of products, a host of product improvements and new features for Innersync's web content and digital asset management solutions are slated for rollout later in 2010.

About Innersuite, Campusuite, and Imagespace:

The Innersync suite of content and digital asset management solutions helps business and education clients simplify web site management with web-based tools so content authors, publishers and administrators can easily publish, access and manage content. Innersuite, Campusuite, and Imagespace form the core software-as-a-service web design solutions from Innersync that help people create, share and connect like never before.