School's Inauguration project launches new blog tool

KIPP LA Schools calls on Innersync to help keep students connected

January 16, 2009

KIPP LA students use the power of Campusuite's new blog tool to capture and share their once-in-a-lifetime experience at the 56th Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies in Washington, D.C.

KIPP LA students use the power of Campusuite's new blog tool to capture and share their once-in-a-lifetime experience at the 56th Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies in Washington, D.C.

LOS ANGELES -- When 12 students from KIPP LA Schools in South Central Los Angeles return from the 56th Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies, they'll have more than just postcards and souvenirs to record their trip.  Thanks to a new blog tool that's now part of the many features of the Campusuite school content management system, each student can capture and chronicle his or her experience on the KIPP LA web site – for classmates, teachers, families, friends and the world to see.

The request from KIPP LA could not have been timed any better, as the Innersync development team was looking for a pilot site on which to launch its new blog module. "Bringing people together on the internet and supporting education through technology is consistent with the Innersync mission," said Jason Morgan, Director of Interactive at Innersync. "Fostering powerful relationships that were never before possible, and being part of this opportunity to allow students to benefit from web 2.0 technology is exciting and we're happy to play a part."

Morgan sees the blog tool as an attractive component to the already robust functionality of the Campusuite CMS tools. Like Facebook and other social networking sites, the Campusuite blog tool satisfies the increasing need and desire for many users to connect with their audiences. What's more, this type of social media packaged as part of the Campusuite content management system for schools allows the students to stay connected within the aegis of the school community.

Innersync just released its new web 2.0 blog module for the Campusuite and is now available to all schools subscribed to the Campusuite Hosted Edition (Software as a Service). This new module allows students to create personal blogs equipped with all the social abilities such as tagging, RSS feeds and an easy-to-use interface that the students can easily login and use.

"Our relationship with KIPP has been exciting. Since the beginning, we've been compelled to do whatever we can for such a great organization. We believe in what they are doing and we're proud to be a part of it. Their story is huge, and their results... amazing. There is nothing that is impossible when you are backed by passionate, dedicated people," said Morgan.

 Visit the newly launched "Student Blogs from the Inauguration".


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