Shoptech releases interactive product tour

Innersync takes the complex and makes it simple

January 1, 2007

May 7, 2007 - Less really is more. The responsible use of technology is what differentiates Innersync from any other web firm. When clients approach us, they either know exactly what they want or they have no idea of the art of buying a website. Innersync teaches prospects to be more successful buyers. By educating the buyer, they will make a more informed choice to choose us--and even better, remain a long-time partner.

Our relationship with Shoptech has been one of trust and confidence. For over 10 years, Shoptech has trusted Innersync to deliver the most compelling marketing tools available. We support their brand by building campaigns that leverage it. We measure the successes of those campaigns using accurate metrics that allow us to make more informed decisions.

Over three website designs, extensive workflow tools and most recently, a CD-ROM product tour that doubled as an Internet deliverable, Innersync has delivered another intentional, integrated marketing tool. It was the goal of Shoptech to get prospective buyers of their E2 Shop System software to request a demo. Since its deployment on April 28th, Shoptech has averaged 2-3 demo requests per day! These requests originate from both the website and from the product demo running on a computer with Internet access.

Taking the complex and making it simple is what we do. It is the very essence of Innersync and we invite you contact us and let us tell you how we're making the web a better place.

"Innersync has been an essential partner in our online initiatives over the years. I am impressed by both their ability to quickly grasp the message we want to convey and execute it with creative precision."

Paul Ventura
Vice President of Marketing

Click here to view the Shoptech Interactive Product Tour.