Xavier hosts 'Web Week 2008' to kick off Campusuite and user training

Campus-wide utilization soars as school broadens user base and user skills

October 14, 2008

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Xavier University is the sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation and one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities nationwide. Visit the Xavier website at <a href='' target='_new'></a>

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Xavier University is the sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation and one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities nationwide. Visit the Xavier website at

Newport, KY -- As part of a campus-wide initiative to herald the arrival of an update to the university's web content management software, Xavier University recently held a special event designed to broaden the usage of the CMS that's already making the school's users more productive. Coinciding with the release of the Campusuite 4.0 update, the Office of Web Services hatched "Web Week 2008" – a pivotal event that brought together administrative assistants, faculty members and other staff together to introduce them to the powerful and simple tools now at their disposal.

"The enthusiasm surrounding Web Week 2008 has generated new-found interest in how their web sites can be better," said Kevin Lavelle, coordinator of the Office of Web Services for Xavier University. The transformation has been fast and hearty. Web site "champions" are emerging. "We see users focusing on their web sites, focusing on their content," said Lavelle, who's amazed, yet not surprised by the heightened activity. Lavelle's team tracks web utilization through Campusuite activity logs. "Fresh web content is now on their radar screen," he said.

The week-long event was a series of three-hour morning sessions, during which the various content owners from the college received training on the Campusuite tools. Xavier's Office of Web Services organized the event into four components: basic html/web overview; navigating around Campusuite; how to edit pages, and introductions to each of Campusuite's content modules. Campusuite creators Steve Williams and Jason Morgan, co-founders of Innersync Studio, were among the presenters at the sessions.

Web Week's organizers even awarded "Web Masters" degrees to those who attended and completed the Campusuite boot camp sessions. "We had lots of fun with it," said Lavelle. "While the vast majority of our users had absolutely no CMS experience whatsoever, there was really nothing intense about it, because the CS tools are so easy to learn.

"It's pretty amazing what we accomplished in a condensed period of time," said Lavelle. "[Content owners] used to call us twice a year for some pretty basic updates, and the reason they didn't update it that often is because it was a time-consuming process," said Lavelle.

"I think a large part of the reason content remained stagnant is the content owners felt as if they were bothering us," Lavelle said, referring to the Office of Web Services. "They'd make the requests, we'd make the edits and then if everything was good to go, we wouldn't hear from them. If it wasn't right, we'd continue the process, which could be frustrating for all of us at times." Lavelle attributes some of the underusage to outdated templates and a lack of expertise on the part of content owners in using Dreamweaver and HTML.

The momentum created by the Web Week 2008 event underscores the energy and flexibility Campusuite engenders in an institution. Campusuite creates a web-based communications platform enabling virtually limitless numbers of separate web sites to be created under one umbrella using a custom implementation. Designed expressly for schools and colleges, Campusuite enables Xavier a cost-effective way to easily create and update the frequently used content that serves the entire Xavier University community.

Already in place at Xavier serving the university in areas of human resources, career services, auxiliary services, admission and student involvement, Campusuite 4.0 features enhanced mobility, security, editing, page layout and image control functions, and Web 2.0 compatibility for more universal content integration.

Xavier University's Campusuite CMS implementation is consistent with a wave of migration to Web 2.0 technologies and "cloud computing," as evidenced by Google's recent unveiling of its Chrome® open-source web browser. Similarly, Campusuite employs these same user-centric technologies to keep the IT "back end" of the software effectively invisible to the user, while providing increasingly powerful applications through web browsers.

About Xavier University

Xavier University is Jesuit, Catholic university in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its three colleges offer 78 undergraduate majors, 43 minors and 11 graduate programs to 6,646 total students, including 3,961 undergraduates. The University is the sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation and one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities nationwide.

About Campusuite:

Campusuite is content management software that simplifies web site management by providing web-based tools so content authors, publishers and administrators can easily publish and manage content from any web browser. Campusuite, Imagespace, a digital asset (image) management system, and Innersuite, the corporate CMS solution, are part of the the family of web-based solutions from Innersync that helps people create, share and connect like never before.

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