Digital asset management made easy

Imagespace helps you build equity in your digital assets, and create a foundation for productivity, collaboration and imagination.

Gain greater control of your photos, videos and other digital files using Imagespace image management software. A great resource for any organization seeking maximum control of their digital assets, Imagespace is the web-based solution that makes it easy to find, share, and archive your photo, videos and other digital files. Imagespace leverages your digital assets and puts them — not you — to work. 

  • Web-based image management and digital asset software that consolidates all your images, videos and other formats into one convenient location on the web - supported formats
  • Upload multiple image sizes online fast
  • Tag your files using limitless keywords for fast, thorough searches
  • Automatically generate thumbnails, add notations and searchable keywords
  • Create custom lightboxes for creative collaboration
  • Easily distribute images and additional content to designated channels
  • Use as a vivid research tool to collect and manage valuable competitive data
  • Enhance control over corporate branding guidelines and publishing standards


Find. Share. Imagine.

Simple tools that provide powerful connections
with your digital assets in a Web 2.0 environment.

Image library software at Xavier University

"Imagespace has given our staff the reach we need to take command of all of our images and videos. It serves as an image management software for the entire university. Our marketing staff and designers are now more creative and more productive."

Kathy St. Denny
Xavier University

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Searchable image library and videos

Search and browse

ID your images with precision. Set keywords with the option of applying additional ones at any time to refine search accuracy. Allow designated user groups access to images they need with one centralized, easily accessible web-based library.

Easy digital asset management

Easier than ever

Browser-based do-it-yourself intuitive tools all but eliminate the learning curve. Content separate from design and draft versioning enable everyone to imagine and realize the possibilities. Create gourmet results with self-serve ease.

web image archive

Distribute and store

With simple tools, you designate who gets access to what images. Grant permissions to a limitless array of users, and push your images – along with valuable content – exactly where you need it. Catalog and archive your images all at once.

Streamline managing photos and videos

Streamline and save

This low-cost solution will not only yield tremendous efficiencies throughout your entire digital asset landscape, but reduce your current cost of managing this entire process by as much as 70 percent.

Software for collaboration

Choose and collaborate

Select from the original hi-res image, the web version, or a link that can be easily e-mailed or shared. Assemble images to create lightboxes so you can share photos, comments and a whole range of additional content for published projects.

Photo and videos management

All together now

Combine Imagespace with one of Innersync's content management solutions and you'll have a robust suite of web content management tools that work in concert to simplify your life and exceed your business goals.


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