Frequently Asked Questions

Is Imagespace more than just image management software?

Yes. Imagespace handles several types of files including videos, Illustrator, InDesign, PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint, and other various files types. Imagespace provides outstanding image management functionality and also allows you to organize, find and share other files types as well.

How does Imagespace streamline the way my company does business?

Companies quickly realize increased efficiencies in locating, grouping and e-mailing various images to their destination. The Imagespace library contains thumbnails, web-sizes and even preserves the original hi-res version. This allows designers the ability to collaborate right up to deadline, with the original hi-res images only a click away. With a single click, an e-mail can be sent to your vendors, allowing them do download all the images, even the hi-res versions.

How do I get images into the Imagespace library?

Using an easy-to-use uploader that shows thumbnails of all the images on your computer. You simply select the images you want and click "upload images". Upon importing, general keywords can be applied. Specific keywords can be applied anytime and even refined going forward. Imagespace creates all the various versions of images that your organization needs. In minutes, you have access to all these images and their versions.

What is the initial training/support? What about after all training is complete?

We offer a wide range of support, from scheduled training via webcasts, personalized training sessions for individuals or groups within your organization, a dynamic search-friendly Knowledge Base created from the growing list of system users like yourself and managed by our support team, and, of course, live phone and chat access with our support specialists. The ongoing support is included in your subscription.

What’s the uptime/reliability?

Servers are monitored 24x7 by an advanced alert system that instantly notifies Innersync of problems and enables our technicians to respond immediately to ensure the highest possible (99.9%) uptime. We monitor software-related issues 24x7 with security and network monitoring alert systems.

What are your server back up practices/processes?

We have a nightly automated backup with a 3-week history.

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