Easy-to-use, flexible web content management

Transform your site into a strategic tool your authors and audiences will rely on.


Share and connect

Bring simplicity and efficiency to your web site by allowing the authors closest to the content to publish it. You empower the users, granting them access to the areas they need to manage. While content sources and authors may span departments across the campus and throughout the organization, they all come together with Innersuite. With this simple-to-use tool, web site integrity is maintained, and so is your sanity.

Keep it fresh, keep 'em coming back

With frequently updated information so easy to manage, your site visitors will come back for more, again and again. No excuse for stale content, as Innersuite makes it breeze for your content authors and publishers to keep their respective content fresh, accurate and up to date. Further build your online relationships and strengthen ties using RSS feeds, podcasts, project collaboration tools.

Create consistency across the site

With Innersuite, there's no disconnect in appearance from one section of your site to another. No jarring jumps in look and feel, and no room for rogue design. Maintain standards and style consistency for harmony when it comes to branding, design and messaging.


Authorize the authors

Innersuite helps you automate the task of maintaining style, code, and the overall integrity for your web site. Permissions are easily granted, allowing varying levels of access to publishing privileges. Innersuite integrates with Active and LDAP directories, enabling the most secure access permissions. Its authoring environment lets multiple content publishers gain full control and responsibility for their respective areas of information, without any compromise to the integrity of your web site.

Requires no programming skills

For the web site administrator and a limitless number of content authors, Innersuite makes managing and creating content enjoyable. Your information is clearly and plainly staged in friendly frames, allowing you to create, modify, update and edit your work safely before posting. No HTML programming skills are required. Information is published instantly by uploading files with point-and-click simplicity. Your content is good to go before publishing, and easy to change after it’s posted.

Works and plays well with others

Innersuite blends smoothly with Adobe® Dreamweaver®, providing accuracy and flexibility to keep your site crisp and just how you like it. No more restrictive template limitations. Create and update your designs with ease. Make your web designers happy, for they can develop pages in Dreamweaver then load them back into the system. Customizable CSS for additional design flexibility. Easily meets all ADA-compliance guidelines.


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Web 2.0

Innersuite captures all the dynamic power and simplicity of Web 2.0 technologies. Create more, connect more and share more by fostering creativity and the exchange among prospects, clients, partners and employees.

Innersync's Hosted Solution gives you all the tools and none of the headaches.

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance updates and system upgrades
  • 24/7 x 365 server monitoring
  • Superior technical support
  • Training sessions
  • Support login, knowledge base and interactive user documentation
  • Multiple plans for user accounts and disk storage
  • Nightly automated site backups and 3-week history
  • 1-year contract

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