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Whether you'd prefer to have us host your Innersuite site or do it yourself, we guarantee you will be equipped with the easiest to use, most flexible content management tools available. Choose from any level of turnkey service or our licensed option, which allows you to plug Innersuite into your existing IT infrastructure. For any company or organization seeking maximum control of all their content – publishing, digital images, and project management collaboration – Innersuite is the web-based solution that makes it easy for you to connect like never before.


Hosting plans

basic usage

mid-size usage


24/7 x 365 server monitoring      
Hard disk storage
 1-10 GIG  10-100 GIG  100-1000 GIG
MS SQL Server 2005 or 2008  
Monthly transfer  100GB  300GB  1000GB
Training sessions 1 4 20
Administrator and publishers 5 20 20-1000
Domain hosting  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
Ongoing training  Single session  
Imagespace digital asset management  
Collabora interactive forum  
Installed Innersuite components
Contract term 1 year  3 year  3 year
POP3 email eccounts  50  100 500
One time setup fee $500 $500 Included
100% Network Uptime Guarantee    



Members of the Innersuite support team are available to answer any questions spanning installation to general usage. Contact us via telephone, e-mail or the Innersuite client extranet for optimal collaboration on both technical and non-technical subjects. You'll not only benefit from, but soon become a part of the Innersuite knowledge base, which includes a moderated forum, and automated support request system. You will have access to unlimited professional support around the clock. In addition to customized attention to each of our clients, Innersync offers regularly scheduled training sessions.


Innersuite solutions grow with your needs. Start small then upgrade when you need to. Our team of web site software professionals is here to help you with any migration. Regardless of your company's size, Innersuite offers an affordable solution for just right for you. For help determining what edition is right for you or your organization, please contact us today.