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Does Innersuite work on both PC and Mac?

Yes. Innersuite is supported on both platforms in popular browsers such as IE, Firefox and Safari. In addition, Innersuite is designed to work with most popular hand-helds, PDAs and mobile devices.

What makes Innersuite different from other CMS?

Innersuite is a CMS package dedicated for business, and it's the easiest to use without sacrificing functionality. Its content modules serve the specific areas and departments of an organization that most needs to control their frequently updated information. From content approval to publishing and linking the data, Innersuite is the easiest web content manager available. There's no third-party tools to purchase. All you need is a computer with Internet access to login, navigate and publish. Its interface is absent of the extraneous data fields typical to most CMS that can clutter and confuse the non-technical user.

Is Innersuite compatible with current systems?

Yes. Innersuite runs on Unix or Windows servers with the ColdFusion application server installed. ColdFusion requires no maintenance, with the exception of periodic updates as they become available. The ColdFusion application server license is included with the purchase of Innersuite.

How does Innersuite accommodate XML/RSS?

Innersuite writes out XML/RSS files from the news and calendar tools. Innersuite can deliver to WAP/WML and other formats geared toward delivering data to portable devices.

Who owns the code?

If you buy the Enterprise Edition, you own the code. If you subscribe to the Hosted Edition, then you do not own the code but get to take advantage of all of the functionality for a monthly fee. The terms and conditions in the Innersuite license agreement spell that out clearly. Our customers cannot re-sell Innersuite, but if they want to refer a new customer to us, we'll make it worth your while.

Does Innersync provide hosting for Innersuite?

Yes. If you choose, Innersync can provide quality, dedicated hosting and support for your company's web site. We recommend it. This has been a proven, cost-effective option that offsets the costs of hosting and supporting internally.

Is training and support available?

Yes. Content authors and user administrators can get up to speed quickly with online training modules and a FAQ/support system included with every Innersuite deployment. Innersync also provides on-site and online training sessions for individual or group sessions for your staff. In addition, regularly scheduled online training sessions are held monthly, so you can learn, brush up on, and perfect your Innersuite knowledge.

How can Innersuite help with public relations?

The public face of a business or organization is largely shaped by the news and events you can control. Research shows that a company's newsroom or media center pages are among the most popular and most frequently visited. Innersuite's news module was developed working closely with PR professionals themselves to ensure it accommodated the needs of public information departments large and small. Innersuite can be a PR practitioner's best friend, helping you easily add and modify news, events, media libraries, shareholder reports and more. Innersuite easily catalogs and archives all your news, media content and historical data.

Does Innersuite allow you to schedule 'go-live' dates for content?

Yes, you can pre-date news and calendar dates in Innersuite and slate them to go live using a pre-determined date. This "embargo" feature is popular with marketing and public relations practitioners.

Does Innersuite accept files created by third-party applications?

Innersuite pulls in files created by the most popular programs, such as Microsoft Office™ and Adobe Acrobat™. Statistics, text, graphics and videos merge seamlessly to create content-rich layouts and photo/video albums.

What is the approval process for content?The Innersuite solution uses three access levels: administrators, who have access to do anything, anywhere; publishers, who have access to only certain departments or areas and have full publishing rights in those areas; and writers, who also have access to certain areas, but cannot push any content live without the approval of an administrator or publisher.

How long does it take to deploy Innersuite?

The length of time it takes to get up and running with Innersuite depends on the size of the web site and whether or not Innersync's more comprehensive design services are engaged. Innersync has deployed Innersuite using the client's existing web site design in as little as two months. Site overhauls, complete with more strategic traffic builders and analytics, could take up to six months.

Is there a better way to manage my company's photo and video imagery?

For a more comprehensive solution to managing digital assets such as phots and video, Innersync's Imagespace™ is a product that enables institutions to truly manage their images. Easily import, store, find and share an unlimited number of high-res images with everyone from photographers, writers, content authors, and external audiences. This powerful solution features the ability to attach key words for easy searching, and create lightboxes to assemble photo albums for sharing low-res versions of the orginal image with whomever you want.


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