Easy-to-use, flexible web content management

Innersuite Features

Innersuite's feature-rich browser-based tools keep your site "connected" with fresh content, quickly and simply. Users with or without technical skills will appreciate how Innersuite makes their jobs — and yours — easier and more professional. Our developers incorporate Web 2.0 technologies and user-centric cloud computing technologies to keep the IT "back end" of the software effectively invisible to the user.

Publishing ease

Browser Based Users and administrators can log in from anywhere using common browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari) and hand-held, PDA and mobile devices.
Modules Easily manage news, blogs, events, calendar, photos, videos, FAQs, digital assets using intuitive, easy-to-learn content modules.
In-Context Edits No confusing back end for non-technical users. They login and edit content on the page as they see it.
Versioning and Drafts Preview versions of proposed pages or revert to previous ones from draft history. Schedule content to go live exactly when and where you want it.
Content Separate from Design Export in XML to easily repurpose content. Offer your pages in different versions such as ADA or PDA. View platform architecture
Friendly URLs Optimal search engine indexing for your pages

Design flexibility

Digital Asset Management Take control of your brand by easily sharing and managing digital assets such as photos, graphics and videos. Learn more
Multi-site Template Support Flexible template support allows you to roll out different designs and navigation.
XML Navigation Dynamically generate context-sensitive navigation, site maps, and cookie crumbs.
Scalable Framework Adding and managing pages in the Innersuite framework allows endless possibilities for expansion.
Abode Dreamweaver Compatible Allow web designers the flexibility to use Adobe® Dreamweaver® to create and customize page templates.

Simple administration

User and Group Permissions Control permissions and approvals using administrator, publisher and writer roles to maintain secure content and functions.
Tracking In just one click, find out when pages were last updated and by whom.
Workflow Management Allow content to be created but not published by lower level users until approved by supervisors.
Support and FAQ Build FAQ archives using real incoming questions. An e-mail support system allows you to respond and archive FAQs into your system for later access by the public.
Page History Unlimited versions of content are stored and can be retrieved on demand.
Login Authentication Authenticate logins using many systems including LDAP, ActiveDirectory and IISFTP.


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Web 2.0

Innersuite captures all the dynamic power and simplicity of Web 2.0 technologies. Create more, connect more and share more by fostering creativity and the exchange among prospects, clients, partners and employees.

Innersync's Hosted Solution gives you all the tools and none of the headaches.

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance updates and system upgrades
  • 24/7 x 365 server monitoring
  • Superior technical support
  • Training sessions
  • Support login, knowledge base and interactive user documentation
  • Multiple plans for user accounts and disk storage
  • Nightly automated site backups and 3-week history
  • 1-year contract

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