Easy-to-use, flexible web content management

Collaboration made easy

Make collaboration with your employees, clients and vendors easy! Collabora is a web-based application that lives on your website or Intranet and serves as a repository of all project communication. Collabora allows teams to set up projects, subscribe teams, share files and stay connected.

A single tool for project tracking and coordination

Collabora allows you and your team effectively collaborate on projects. All discourse is tracked and email notifications go out to only the right people. Finally, a centralized repository of all the facets of each project.

Upload anything, anytime

Collaboration software no file size limitThanks to the FTP-based engine utilized by Collabora, users can upload any digital asset into any project. Graphics, CAD drawings, 3D models, word and excel documents and more are only limited by the end-users connection speed and ability. This allows outside people to send you the necessary files and bypass email entirely. No more undelivered emails due to size restrictions or spam filters.

Collaborate with your resource

Provide access to your company and venders to projects. Collabora user management allow you to easily and provide various levels of access to team members, customers, venders and more.

Clients using Collabora

  • Jack Rouse Associates
  • Super78
  • Xavier University
  • The Summit Country Day School
  • Wilson Brokerage Group
  • Moxie Marketing
  • KIPP Schools
  • Lockland School District
  • Avetec
  • BusinessRX
  • Stimulus Worldwide
  • Alliance Robotics




  • Manage projects from anywhere
    Do you have an internal project or a project happening with an outside vendor? Collabora facilitates that back and forth discourse and logs everything along the way.
  • Centralized Communication
    All project discourse, including attachments, comments, deadlines and decision-making are indexed in one place for later retrieval.
  • File Size not an Issue
    Unlike sending attachments in an email, Collabora is basically uploading files to an FTP server via the HTTP protocol. Do you have a client that is trying to email you a large file? Simply create a login and grant access to a specific project and that person can upload that file to your server.
  • E-mail Notification
    Collabora sends email updates only to project subscribers. It also sends to a persons email address and it arrives just like any other email. Inline reply buttons automatically log that person into collabora to post or reply, keeping track of all facets of the project on your server.
  • Permissions Management
    You have full control over all user logins and their access to specific projects.s