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To a Happy 'Social' New Year

December 17, 2008

Here's to a happy, prosperous 2009.

Here's to a happy, prosperous 2009.

If there's one thing that's not coming up short this new year, it's the boom of interface design, the care taken to make something just a little shinier – the essence of what's called social media. One thing our gloomy economy has not had an effect on is the surge in web 2.0 and the new ideas that have emerged. Remember, when we all sat back and asked why we didn't think of eBay? Well, today I ask, why didn't I think of Twitter?

Good design, ideas and talent abound even in this volatile economy. For that, we can be optimistic. If improvements in web standards and major shifts in practices are any indication of things picking up, then we're on the right track. Hey, it's a happy thought, right? Innersync continues to revisit and refine our position in the universe so that we continue to provide value to our customers while helping them realize their own visions and maximize their web expenditures. It is a very interesting time for web developers with a passion for the web. On one hand, we need to focus on the paying work, but on the other, there's something driving us to make our products better, easier, cleaner... more social.

It's our thought that updating your web site, or posting a blog should not only be easy but fun. Adding a new idea should be more accessible and less distracting. If we mess up a page, rolling back to any older version should be a click away. If we are searching for that perfect image for a web page, the online image library should be right there. Drafting content and seeing how it will look before you put it live should be second nature. All the things that we once took for granted are being revisited, and re-defined. When we're done, we ask, is it as easy as it could be? If it is, we document it and shout it to the world on our support site.

As we conclude our 10th year of business, we find ourselves being thankful to our clients, who consistently push us and challenge us to build a better web site. These are the clients who almost revel in the idea of stumping us on a new one. These people are the ones who help us breathe life into our tools. We're also thankful for our healthy families and our spouses who support us while we strive for excellence. While the country is in mourning, let us remember the things that matter most to us and those who continue to fight for our freedom.

Let us all be re-energized so we can reach down and pull up our collective boot straps, inspire innovation and promote momentum. Let us become active in our communities -- and not just the online ones -- and love one another with great fervor. Social networking, afterall, was around long before web developers.

We wish you the happiest in this new year. And may good fortunes be yours this year and beyond..


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To a new year, here, here.
cmonkey 8:59PM 12/22/08
That's the spirit we all need.
Susan 4:36PM 12/18/08




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