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January 27, 2009

The KIPP blogs were a buzz with comments from students, friends, parents and even grandparents!

The KIPP blogs were a buzz with comments from students, friends, parents and even grandparents!

Just recently, we were put to the task of helping our good friends at KIPP: LA with an exciting new idea. Twelve lucky kids had a rare opportunity to be part of history in the making by attending the 56th Presidential Inauguration ceremonies. KIPP: LA wanted to empower these students to stay connected with their teachers, friends and families by letting them blog their experience. So, they gave us a call and asked how it could be done. We're glad they did... because, as fate would have it, Innersync had just completed the new blog modules and was ready to put them through testing. With the click of a button, we set up 12 blogs on the KIPP: LA site, one for each student. The blogs were set up before the students left.

From parents and siblings to friends and teachers, the students quickly saw the role the blogs would play during their trip. It was amazing how the students embraced the technology. Clearly the blogs were easy to use and understand as evidenced by that fact there were entries from most kids by the time the plane landed in Washington D.C. Many students attached pictures they took from that day. Comments rolled in from friends, parents... and even grandparents! The quality of the posts we're inspiring, many from parents and grandparents suggesting they "take it all in" and "think about what this means for America," and even "you are a part of history in the making!"

Sure a post to the blog is faster and cheaper than a post card... and it's embracing the 2009 theme of "going green," but there's something more. Little did they realize, they were doing much more than just sending messages home. They were bringing people together by using the technology of the day in lieu of traditional methods to document and articulate their experiences at the inauguration. And the really cool part is how everyone used it, including grandma. The result... lot of smiles, tears of joy and *all* powerful connections like no other media. At Innersync, we call them "Simply powerful web experiences."

Students research on the internet just like they use a library and web 2.0 methodologies are being used for class assignments just like traditional book-work. Seeing this play out in front of our own eyes is really a beautiful thing. "I was talking to a client today about developing a site for farmers and she mentioned they use the heck out of the smart phones." I told her, "if there's a better way of doing something using technology, people will use it, and quickly embrace it.. even while out in the corn fields of the Midwest." The kids today are no different and expect the world to be at their finger tips via instant connections. What better way to help share ideas and collaborate than in a web 2.0 environment? We expect to see this in our higher education web sites... we love to see it in K-12 education.

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